To be continued… Music Ahead goes on. We will be a part of the conference „Stadt nach Acht“m Nov 26th 2016. Our question to be discussed in our panel will be:
“ How does artist booking work in 2016 ? Is there still space, possibility and need for crative lineups on festivals and in Clubs?  “
The question is part of last years claim about the „festivalisation and eventisation“ in club culture, but it also focuses on the influence of social media. In the end the experts will give arguments from their practical perspective as bookers and festival organizers.

If you happen to be in Berlin, some of the panels will be in english and there is tickets still available on their website:  —> Stadt nach Acht Website



We‘ve done it! Music Ahead 2015 has finally taken place. On three consecutive Thursdays we discussed the future of clubs and club culture, together with about 60 protagonists, on stage as well as backstage. We had hot discussions in our expert panels, we made wild music during our community session. We argued about sense and nonsense of new technologies, we asked lots of questions and even got some answers.

We drank beer, mate and coffee. And we made new friends or got into conversations with old acquaintances. We had an open discussion about our results. We got a lot of people together and are – in some cases at least – very happy with our results; in others, we realised that we ourselves are part of new developments.

We have all learned a lot and also realised that the topic is not only interesting for us but for many, and that the time is right. We realised how interesting it is to X-ray structures and how important the analogue contact between people is – no algorithm can keep up with that.

We also realised that there must a human need for a collective enjoyment of music. And finally we are quite happy that Berlin has maintained an extraordinary diversity as a fertile soil in the club scene, despite all the gloomy prophecies!

We all had a great time, there were no big problems, and that was not only due to the thorough thought process beforehand. It was the protagonists that made Music Ahead come to live, that gave faces and opinions to our topics. We had an idea but an idea is only ever as good as all those who believe in it. And that‘s why we would like to give a really big Thank You to all our supporters and helpers, especially to those who are so often not named first. And last but not least a gigantic Thank You to the musicboard for all the support, be it with money, expertise or helpful objections or ideas. Music Ahead is like a club: The location has the drinks and the music and, at best, also an idea, but eventually it is the audience that makes the day – or, rather, the evening. Music Ahead will be continued next year. Please give us a bit of time to think about the when and how. We will be able to tell you more come summer, at the latest. Now the time has come for us to document the event in text, video and audio.

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